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In the world, a lot of people are starving to death, and specially in Japan, many people are suffering from mental illness. A number of people are having a hard time not because they hate each other but because their countries do, trying to kill each other, that is to say, carrying on wars. Under such circumstances, just like northern European and other European countries have gained the power, in the 21st century, Asian countries have gotten to the point where they play the leading part in the world.




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The role PILIP JAM plays is creating conditions where people can stand on their own feet and at the same time help each other, not indulgently depending on each other, regardless of country borders. And also we proposes options and ways to make a smart living focusing on “persons”, not nations. Especially, effectively sharing natural and human resources which are not enough in Asian countries and being a linking bridge in Asia, we gives suggestions about new life styles full of freedom and makes up environments where people themselves can feel that they have rich and satisfying lives.

PILIP JAM is a life supporting company which proposes new options to make your life richer not depending on a certain country.

we never does hasty business even in the world going forward at such a fast pace. Making steady progress, we develop along with our customers keeping step with them, just like trees grow steadily making annual rings.

Consisting of well organized teams, PILIP JAM offers below services. With these services, we propose environments where our customers can have more life options and maintain their lives feeling satisfied.

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Right to live in two countries

We offer support of the highest quality in the world to get the right of permanent residence. [We are proud of our 100% success, which is overwhelming achievement.] We also assist to get retirement visas at the lowest charge. [It costs much cheaper than doing all the paper work by yourself.]

Have a travel with lifelong precious memories

We assist to have the most brilliant experience you can never have in Japan. Unlike old times when everyone asked for the same thing, now what people want is widely diversified. We, PILIP JAM INC, do our best to meet the particular hope and demand each one of our customers has. We are your second family in Philippine. Please feel free to tell and ask anything in your mind.




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CEO Kawamuro Atsushi


Separator Quota ph-visa.com SRRV ph-srrv.com





We offer the supports officially authorized by Philippine Retirement Authority and Philippine Department of Tourism! We are proud of our overwhelming achievement. We have supported more than 90% of those who got Quota Visa, which is one of the most flexible visas in the world allowed to be acquired by only 50 people in a country annually. And more, none of them failed in getting one. We support SRRV, or retirement visa, at the lowest charge rate.




PILIP JAM INC is one of the few agents authorized as a reliable partner by Philippine Department of Tourism which gives the toughest examination. We help you to have a travel with the best memories ever.


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